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Podcast & radio appearances

KFAI...Where Community Grows || Twin Cities

Friday April 28, 2023 || 4:10PM CST​


Toni Pierce-Sands (Founder & Director of TU Dance) and Leslie Parker (Designer & Director of Leslie Parker Dance Project) join KFAI's ( 90.3 FM) Papi Umar Malik on LatinoAltROCK! as they discuss their upcoming performances of “The 3-Women Project” at The O'Shaughnessy at St. Catherine University and “Divination Tools: imagine home” at The Walker Art Center.

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Listen to the archive HERE. Interview begins at 11:09 minutes.

Healing Vibrations with Jordan Hamilton

podcast Created by AK Wright, 2021

Kitchen conversations is about the relationship between art, healing, and Black liberation. Call to Remember is a shared offering of improvisation, experimentation, and conjuring exploring Black pedagogy, artistry, and activism in dance. Invoking the elements of Call To Remember, Leslie Parker and AK Wright bring forth individuals over a meal to have robust conversations about their engagement with CTR, how we are engaging care, improvisation, and communal connections in current, beyond, and past moments. In this episode, Leslie and AK talk with collaborator Jordan Hamilton on his work with Call To Remember, healing lineages, and how he's bringing the healing vibes.

CTR Podcast EpisodeAK Wright
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