Leslie Parker Dance Project draws from  a multidisciplinary approach to dance art-making to cultivate collaborative relationships. 

We (LPDP) engage performance not only as product; it is an opportunity to examine culture, ritual and daily life practices through processes of unraveling and embracing embodied lived experience.  Questions that rise then unfold incite possibilities for more spontaneous and curious dances as live performance in real-time.


Our investigation of the historical  inspires a hopeful contemporary moment to experiment beyond dance technique only or notions of spectacle; transforming, acknowledging, (re)purposing narratives that are non-linear and motivated by themes of love, freedom, spirituality, identity, and social justice.

LPDP values multiplicity in space(s) that are open to cross-pollinating cultural difference and that centralize/embrace BIPOC lives as a means of holistic well-being among us and all lived experiences.