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Call to Remember

Videography by Adriana Foreman

Call to Remember is a shared offering

of improvisation, experimentation, and conjuring

exploring Black pedagogy, artistry, and activism in dance.


During times of unrest, uncertainty, and the unknown, we are called to action; to take heed without hesitation or restriction and to be unbounded by place. Call to Remember contains this collaborative improvisation between dance artists, an experience in real-time, a sharing, an uprising of real stories embedded deep within the subconscious. It holds a moment to conjure freedom, protection and love in where Blackness with all of its complexities and intersecting identities exists now and in the future. 

Photography by Kari Mosley

Tours and Events

Divination tools: Imagine home

world Premier

Walker Art Center
Minneapolis, MN

Thursday May 11, 2023

Friday May 12, 2023

Saturday May 13, 2023

A processional will occur each day of the event. Attendance is free on May 11th. For questions, please call the Walker Art Center Box Office 612-375-7600.

IMG_3281-3 mpg.jpeg
Danspace Project
New York, NY

Fall 2023

Tickets coming soon

Black Dance Improvisation


April 28, 2023 || 6:30PM
Pillsbury House + Theatre

April 29, 2023 || 7:00PM

Pangea World Theatre

Tickets available here

Curated by

Leslie Parker


Featured artists

Ashe Jaafaru

Ryan-Olivia Lundy

Tumelo Khupe

Jazz Casteneda

Arneshia Williams

Imagine Joy

Sponsored by Pillsbury House & Theatre, Pangea World Theatre, National Performance Network, Walker Art Center.

LP_PHT_Edited_4 (1).jpeg

Divination Tools: imagine home,

the newest iteration of Call to Remember,

will premiere in Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center,

and in New York at Danspace Project.

CTR Premieres

"As someone interested in how Black people care and heal as a response to and beyond violence, terror, and harm, I am drawn to how Black people craft alternative ways of being and living. And that is the work of Call to Remember. The Black improvisation of CTR brings forth attention to how Black people construct possibilities that allow for new worlds to emerge."


–AK Wright

CTR Workshops


Black Dance Improvisation

Workshop Series

The Black Dance Improvisation (BDI) Workshop Series is a space to explore rigor and to center healing, remembrance, lineage, and joy as a means of cultivating community. We will move through an embodied practice to build greater awareness of body, lineage, space, and improvisation in dance.


There will be four multi-session workshops which allow for deep embodied exploration, cumulative learning, and community building. By the end of the workshop series, the community of artists steeped in Black dance improvisation will have grown.

Workshop 3

Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC)

Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL

February 8-9, 2023

Artist: Leslie Parker

Workshop 1

Part B

Barbara Barker Center for Dance

Minneapolis, MN

June 25, 2022

Guest artist: Nia Love

Workshop 2

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

October 21-22, 2022

Guest artist: Marlies Yearby

Workshop 1

Part A

Pillsbury House and Theatre

Minneapolis, MN

June 24, 2022

Guest artist: Nia Love

CtR-Post WAC 2.jpg

"Divination Tools: imagine home is a way to link conversations about black bodies, improvisation, and a way to address complexity and multiplicity around improvisation and how artists are writing themselves into the future."


–Leslie Parker

CTR Residencies


Research Based

Creative Residencies

Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC)

Tallahassee, FL

March 6-18, 2023

Themes: tending, growing

Walker Art Center

Minneapolis, MN

December 6-12, 2021

Themes: ground water, dissolve, embodiment,  home

Pangea World Theatre

Minneapolis, MN

August - September, 2021

Themes: water, light, pilgrimage, human migration

Danspace Project

New York, NY

September 26 - October 2, 2022

Themes: exchange, planting seeds

Press Release

Pillsbury House and Theatre

Minneapolis, MN

January - May, 2021 

Themes: earth, grief, ancestors, guidance

National Performance Network Blog

Image credit: Joshua B. Alafia

CTR Collaboratos
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