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Black Dance Improvisation
2024 Intensive

Produced by Leslie Parker Dance Project


In partnership with:


Twin Cities Jazz Festival

The Cedar Cultural Center

TU Dance Center

Barbara Barker Center for Dance

Registration is full and is now at capacity. Drop-ins are welcomed if there is space!


Intensive Workshop Schedule

June 3-6, 2024

TU Dance Center

Saint Paul, MN

Workshop Session with

Ishmael Houston-Jones

June 10-13, 2024

Northrop Dance Studio

Minneapolis, MN

Workshop Session with

Merián Soto

June 17-18,  2024

Barbara Barker Dance Center

Minneapolis, MN

Workshop Session with

Cynthia Oliver

**Note the change in schedule: Cynthia Oliver is facilitating on June 17 & 18 only.  

an experiment

w/Leslie Parker & Collaborators


Performances by:

Black Dance Improvisation Intensive participants & 

Music Collaborative with Michael Wimberly, Farai Malianga, Dameun Strange, and DeCarlo Jackson

June 22, 2024


The Cedar Cultural Center

416 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454

612) 338-2674



Donations accepted

The public offering of an experiment  is a live collaborative improvisation performance drawing from Blackness in experimental music, storytelling, visual art, and dance. 

This is a Twin Cities Jazz Festival event.


Leslie Parker Dance Project brings together improvisers in the Twin Cities who practice various models of improvisation  globally to participate in three weeks of practice.

The Twin Cities Black Dance Improvisation Intensive 2024 is an extension of  CtR methodology centering Black, Native, Indigenous, Artists of Color narratives. The focus is on creatives who are steeped in dance and performance practices to provide more opportunities to deepen awareness in Improvisation. 

BDI Intensive 2024 is open to all!

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