driven to move black culture(s)
into the future

dance artist,
maker, improviser, performer, director, collaborator, educator

Bone Womyn Traces in Black 4_edited.jpg
Bone Womyn
sculpture by visual artist Jemila MacEwan

Leslie Parker Dance Project (LPDP) is a platform to forefront 'Black Space' when creating, making, and directing dance. Leslie Parker highlights unique individual contributions while digging into collective memory to engage with the world more imaginatively.

Happening now


This workshop launches the Call to Remember - Black Dance Improvisation Workshop Series. Call to Remember (CtR) is a shared offering of improvisation, experimentation, and conjuring exploring Black pedagogy, artistry, and activism in dance. It will be a space to explore and center healing, remembrance, lineage, and joy as a means of cultivating community.

Black Dance Improvisation Series, 2022

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